A Study On The Effects Of Students’ Posture, Comfort And Health In Consequences Of Prolonged Sitting Among Senior Cambridge Students

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Dr. Rukshanda Jabeen , Dr. Narjis Unar , Dania Shoaib Khan , Dr. Shahnawaz Tunio , Dr. Noor us Sabah


The study aims to investigate the consequences of prolong sitting on the students’ posture, their comfort and overall health in a Cambridge school. The study examined the impact of sitting for extended period of time on the posture and comfort levels of students. It also explored potential interventions or solutions that can be implemented to mitigate these effects. The study involved collecting data from students through focused group interviews and analyzed the data to look for the solutions in form of interventions etc. The findings of this research enable the administration and teachers of schools to focus on the school interventions for providing safe and secured school environment. This study also contributed to the development of effective strategies for promoting health, comfort in students with proper posture. It was revealed in the findings that students were aware of the potential adverse effects of prolonged sitting and had a desire for interventions to improve posture and comfort. It is recommended that measures such as regular breaks, physical exercises, and the use of ergonomic furniture could be beneficial in reducing these harmful effects.

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