Training And Development As Key Determinant Of Organizational Performance: Evidence From Heis In Pakistan

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Dr. Ahmad Ali , Dr. Khalid Rehman , Rafid Ullah , Dr. Shumaila Hashim , Dr. Farhat Ullah Khan , Dr. Nafid Khan , Dr. Adnan Khan


This study explores the impact of training and development on organizational performance in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Pakistan. Faculty members working in various Higher Educational Institutions of Southern region of KP, Pakistan, was focused as target population for the current study. 250 faculty members were surveyed for this purpose. Data from respondents was collected through close-ended questionnaire. Measurement scales for measuring current study variables, were adopted from previous literature. Scale reliability, correlation and linear regression were employed as statistical tools for obtaining empirical evidences. The findings revealed that Training & Development is a key determinant of organizational performance in HEIs of Pakistan. The study highlights the importance of designing and implementing effective Training & Development programs tailored to employees' needs and aligning with the organization's goals. The results of this study have significant implications for HEIs administration, as they underscore the importance of investing in Training & Development initiatives to enhance organizational performance and achieve strategic objectives.

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