Social Services Model For Disabilities In DKI Jakarta Province

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Maria Margaretha , Sadu Wasistiono , Hadi Prabowo , Marja Sinurat


The shortcomings of people with disabilities are usually ignored by society. People with disabilities are considered helpless and lack basic abilities, often leading to social isolation and discrimination in access to health, education, employment, and others. This discriminatory attitude causes people with disabilities to receive a negative stigma from non-disabled people. This research aims to analyze and find out social services, supporting and inhibiting factors for people with disabilities and formulate and design a social service model for people with disabilities in DKI Jakarta Province. The research method used is a descriptive qualitative approach, intending to present a complete picture of the problem under study. Data collection by interview, observation, documentation study and data analysis techniques through data reduction and closing. The results showed that social services for persons with disabilities in DKI Jakarta Province had not run optimally, seen from the very minimum socialization process carried out by stakeholders related to social service programs for persons with disabilities, and the implementation of therapy and rehabilitation has not reached all types of disabilities. The DKI Jakarta Province Integrated Service Model for Persons with Disabilities, a model of collaboration between lines/fields, namely Academic, Business, Community, Government, and Media, will accelerate handling service problems for persons with disabilities, which is called the Hexa Helix model.

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