History of Ecological crisis and diverse Buddhist response for it’s solution

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Phra Wichian Hualkhoksung


From starting generation human lived with the nature. They took water, food, and shelter from nature. What they took from nature, it was recharged by nature. Because of the increase in the population as well as their needs human are now destroying nature. Human has harmed this so much that it became dangerous for human survival itself. Data of this destruction is very surprising and alarming.  Every minute, 12,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are added to the environment 51 acres of tropical rainforest are destroyed. Every hour, 1692 productive acres of land become desert, as result 1800 children die of malnutrition (Environmental statistics, 2012). Global temperature is rising and the rate is predicted to be between 2 and 6 degrees centigrade per 10 years depending on disturbances in weather and crop patterns (Meehl et al, 2007 p.).[1] Increase in Green house gases e.g. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), methane have caused the Global warming. Human activities such as deforestation misuse and excess use of natural resources have the intensified Global warming. The Global warming with human activities is responsible for rise in Average temperature, shrinking of glaciers decreasing of underground water level, more frequent Droughts, floods, rising of sea level etc. This problem has become now a kind of Crisis. Since it is related to whole ecology, so it is an Ecological Crisis.[2]

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