The Determinant Factors Of Tourists’ Satisfaction With E-Hailing Service

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Marlisa Abdul Rahim, Nurzehan Abu Bakar, Nor Maizana Mat Nawi, Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Hassnah Wee


The industry of tourism in Malaysia is expanding rapidly, and there are increasingly domestic tourists visiting the country. As many local visitors would employ the e-hailing service to get from one site to another, this will greatly strengthen the e-hailing sector. Malaysia's e-hailing business is booming, with companies like My Car, Grab, Maxim, and others joining in. Assessing the determining elements that affect tourists' satisfaction with e-hailing services among local tourists is the focus of this study. The purpose of this study is to examine the variables, such as promotion, safety and reliability, that affect tourists' satisfaction with e-hailing services. These elements play an essential role in ensuring that local tourists are satisfied with e-hailing services. A structured questionnaire was used to gather the study's primary data. The survey responded by 385 tourists from Peninsular Malaysian visitors.   Pearson Correlation was used in this research to examine the relationship between the promotion and tourist satisfaction, the relationship between safety and tourist satisfaction, and the relationship between reliability and tourist satisfaction.  The findings indicate there were high positive relationship between the safety and reliability with tourists’ satisfaction, while the promotion factor has moderate positive correlation on tourists’ satisfaction with e-hailing service.

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