The Communication Barriers And Their Impacts On The Academic Performance Of The Graduate Students

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Syed Uzma Paiam Bukhari , Imtiaz Ali Kalhoro , Ajab Ali Lashari , Irfan Ali Soomro , Sadia Batool , Azizullah Amur


Communication is an effective skill to convey information, persuade people and achieve targeted goals. The study examined the impact of communication barriers on the academic performance of Graduate Students (Education department) students at Sindh Madrassatul Islam University Karachi. The main objective of the study was to examine the impact of a lack of communication on the academic performance of students. The qualitative ethnographic research design was selected to gather and analyze the data through real classroom observations and interviews by developing a checklist of some communicative rubrics. The data was collected from 20 students; who were registered in the Graduate program. The results of the study showed that the lack of communicative competence of students at the Graduate level affects their academic performance in class. The recommendation of this study will help policymakers, university teachers, academicians, and university students.

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