Relationship Between Emotional Maturity And Peer Pressure Among Adolescents From Private Schools And Colleges Of Karachi: A Correlational Study

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Zainab Fatima, Raabia Hirani, Fazeen Shahid Siddiqui, Anushah Amirali Charania, Asma Khuhro, Aqsa Shahzadi


Adolescent is a stage where transition from child hood to adult hood takes place (Kolawole A. &., 2015)It is biologically and psychologically proved that there is an age bracket with plus and minus age of adolescence in children in their peak of youth where they experience a lot of changes in their body. These changes involve both physical and hormonal resulting in positive and negative effects it may lay on child’s psychology, emotions, behavior, thoughts, perceptions and views. In such a transition the important behavior shown by teenagers and adolescence is their dependency on their peers and distancing form their family especially when it comes to make choices and decisions and extending ethical values in life  (Uslu, 2013).

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