Socio-Demographic Profile Of Suicide Attempters İn A Tertiary Medical Centre

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Pavan K , Bhaskar Mara , Vinod.A , Sunil Kumar , Ravi.P.B , Veena S Pattar


Aim: The study's objective is to evaluate the demographic profile, psychiatric comorbidity and nature of attempts in deliberate self-harm cases in a tertiary care centre, Raichur, Karnataka.

Settings and Design: A prospective study of 8-month duration was done in a private medical college and research centre, Raichur, Karnataka.

Methodology: All self-harm cases referred to the department of psychiatry for eight months were included. Sociodemographic details and psychiatric comorbidity were collected using appropriate proforma.

Results: Females had a higher rate compared to males. This study represented adult age, urban background, employed, and matriculation education. More than 65%of all patient's attempts had psychiatric disorders. The Majority had a precipitating event prior to the suicide attempt. The common method of attempt was by use of chemical poisoning.

Conclusions: Suicide and suicidal attempt pose significant social, psychological and medical problems, as evidenced by this, and previous studies need intervention at a community level with significant participation from people.

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