Parents’Influence on Entrepreneurial Intention

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Dr. Olta Nexhipi, Dr. Llambi Prendi, Dr. Erisa Musabelli


This study aims to determine the impact of parents on entrepreneurial intentions of young people. Enterprises are considered a fundamental tool for the economic growth especially in developing countries like Albania. Enterprises are an important source for generating employment, wealth creation and poverty alleviation. Young people have the energy and the ideas to generate new enterprises and to have a positive impact on the economic growth of a country. In Albanian culture, family plays a crucial role in the life of young people this is why we aim to understand the family influence on young people entrepreneurial intentions. The population usedfor the study are young people aging from 18-30 years old, Albanian nationality, living in different countries.

The purpose of this study in to analyse family influence on young people entrepreneurial intentions, differences of this influence based on gender, and also the intention of young people to follow parents career path. The statistical analysis used was SPSS version 22. The data analysis techniques used descriptive statistics, multiple regression, and correlation and so on. From the research results that family impacts entrepreneurial intention in young people but this happens based also on the other factors considered for the purpose of this study.

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