Sun, Moon and Star İn The Examples of Folk Literature

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Chinara Rzayeva


The place of cosmonyms in the people’s language was investigated and analyzed in the article. During the studies, we also address to holy book Qurani-Karim. In this regard, the article discusses this matters   and provides examples from the holy book. The cosmonyms mentioned in the surahs and verses of the Koran makes them sacred among the people.

Just as the Sun, the Moon and the stars decorate the sky, so folklore genres decorate our people. A number of verses mentioned in surahs related to cosmonyms in the Quran can be followed in folklore texts. This statement is explained by examples selected from their texts.

At the same time, in folklore texts there are personal names associated with cosmonyms. The names Sun, Star, Moon, Crescent, etc., which we often encounter among people, we also see their names in folklore texts. Anthroponyms related to the mentioned cosmonyms are also included in the article.

The article also explores the ideas and believes of our grandparents in connection with cosmonyms  have been selected  and filtered . It should be noted that the concepts of the sun, moon and stars are still valid among humans. In other words, the people have great faith in these beliefs. The article provides a number of examples to support these ideas.


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