Physical And Psychological Health Consequences Associated With Violent Health Behaviors Among Universities Students’ Athletes

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Muhammad Ilyas, Shah Khalid, Waqas Ul Nisa, Bela Tariq, Khalid Jalal Shah, Muhammad Musa Khan, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Butt, Alamgir Khan, Muhammad Jamil, Muhmmad Abdul Jabar Adnan, Yasmeen Tabassum, Tooba Abid Qureshi, Bushra Chaudhry, Tahira Fozia


Background: Violent behaviors are considered more harmful from physical and psychological health points of view. It means that violent behaviors may cause physical and mental health issues. Therefore, the current study aimed to examine the physical and psychological health issues concerned with violent behaviors among universities student athletes. Methodology:  The population of the study was comprised of student-athletes from three public sector universities, i.e. University of Swat, Abdul Wali Khan University and Hazera University Manshera. A Likert-type scale was developed and used for the collection of data. The collected data were processed through a statistical package for social sciences (SPSS, version-26), and thus suitable statistical tools were applied for data analysis. Conclusion:  After careful analysis of the study, the researcher found a positive relationship between violent behaviors and psychological health (R was .876, and P was. 006 < .05). The result of the study also shown positive relation in both violent behaviors and physical health (R was .877 and P was. 006 < .05). Based on data analysis, the researcher concluded that lack of management, violation of rules, pressure on players and poor facilitation leads to violence in sports. In addition, the researcher also concluded that violent behaviors might cause physical and psychological issues, particularly among student-athletes. 

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