How And When Leaders Cyberloafing Impact On Employee Mental Health

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Arbab Rauf Awan , Seema Afzal


The aim of this investigation was to determine how employees' mental health was affected by cyberloafing behaviors. This inquiry used both quantitative and qualitative methods to achieve its goals. This inquiry used a quantitative approach and used the SPSS to conduct a survey and run regression and correlation analyses. In addition, this analysis used a qualitative approach to contrast the findings with earlier research. For the survey, a sample size of 500 was used to ensure that results were comprehensive and highly reliable. The results of the survey and the conversation show that leaders' online behavior has a detrimental impact on staff members' mental health. Additionally, by limiting leaders' online complaining, high job demands have a negative impact on the mental health of the workforce. Therefore, it is advised that organizations discontinue cyberloafing activities to ensure the continued excellent mental health of their workforce.

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