Animal Feed and Feeding: Analysis of related Malaysia and International Fatwa

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Nurulaina Saidin (Dr.), Fadilah Abd Rahman (Dr.), Mohd Ashrof Zaki Yaakob (Dr.), Azri Bhari (Dr.), Hanifah Musa Fathullah Harun


The basic principle in halal feed production and feeding is to avoid utilization of non-halal ingredients in the feeding of animals used for human consumption. This principle is based on the clear prohibition against eating, drinking the milk, and riding of animals fed with impurities as mentioned in a few hadiths of the Prophet. Owing to the arising concern on the halal and safety aspects of animal feed for halal animal production and modern methods of animal husbandry, identification and analysis of related Fatwa issued by recognized authorities is indeed necessary. This article seeks to identify and analyze the national and international fatwa on issues related to animal feed and feeding. The study utilizes a qualitative approach using library research. The findings demonstrate that there are four fatwas from Malaysia and a few fatwas from other countries with few similarities and differences related to animal feed and feeding practices.

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