The Influence of "One Belt One Road" on Chinese Arabic

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Ma Bin, Kaseh Abu Bakar, Zamri Arifin


The ancient Silk Road realized the interoperability of economy, trade, politics, and humanities. The new "Silk Road Economic Belt" is an upgrade of all aspects and an important step in realizing a "community with a shared future for mankind." Islam has prospered and developed in China for more than 1,300 years. Language is an important foundation. The extensive exchanges between China and Arab countries in the fields of culture, economy and trade have a very important influence on the development of Chinese Arabic in various periods. This article is conducted through a qualitative method and based on the inspection of the "Silk Road Economic Belt" on Chinese Arabic related information and past research, such as journals and articles. The purpose of the researcher in this article is to use the Silk Road Economic Belt as the main background to sort out and analyze the influence of Chinese Arabic in each period to fill the gaps in the research. Research and analysis found that the Silk Road Economic Belt has an important influence on Chinese Arabic.

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