Students’ Perception Regarding Celebrity Endorsed And It’s Effect On Their Purchase Intention

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Dr. Syed Ali Hassan Shah , Dr. Abdual Ghani , Syed Shahzad Haider


This study is aimed at finding out the perception of students of University of Gujrat regarding celebrity endorsed television advertisements and its effect on their purchase intention. This study sheds light on perception of urban and rural population separately. Celebrity endorsement is an expensive tool to persuade consumer to buy products. It is useful to study its effectiveness. To investigate the perception regarding celebrity endorsement and purchase intention of students, survey method was used. The data was collected from 200 students using non-probability sampling method with the help of a questionnaire. The hypothesis regarding celebrity attractiveness and influence on purchase intention is approved. More the celebrity attractiveness more the influence on purchase intention. This study revealed in its findings that credible celebrities form a positive perception of students. It is proved that more the celebrity attractiveness more will be the influence on purchase intention. Female students intend to purchase celebrity endorsed brands more than male students.

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