Mathematics Education 4.0: Teachers` Competence and Skills` Readiness in Facing the Impact of Industry 4.0 on Education

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Eddiebal P. Layco


This sequential exploratory study describes the mathematics teachers` competence and skills readiness towards Education 4.0 which is the reflection of Fourth Industrial Revolution on education. Furthermore, it also investigates the relationship of teachers` competence and skills readiness towards education 4.0. For qualitative phase, five (5) experts shared their insights and perspectives about how they view the competence and skills readiness of mathematics teachers towards education 4.0. For quantitative phase, data were obtained from a sample of 500 mathematics teachers from selected Elementary Schools; Junior and Senior High Schools; and State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) from Central Luzon, Philippines during the second semester of S.Y. 2019-2020. Qualitative results revealed that the competence of teachers in Mathematics Education 4.0 (4ME) can be classified according to their technological-pedagogical-content competence related to TPACK framework developed by previous authors. Skills readiness were categorized as technological and digital skills; professional skills; and lifelong learning and personal skills readiness. Quantitative findings showed that mathematics teachers have low levels of competence towards education 4.0 in terms of technological-pedagogical competence which is their ability to integrate advanced technologies in their mathematics instruction and employ new strategies relevant to the needs of Education 4.0.This was assessed though the instrument called Technological-Pedagogical-Content Competence (TPACC) Scale developed through qualitative data analysis and existing related literature and studies. Similarly, mathematics teachers have low level of skills readiness on advanced technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, interactive system, virtual and augmented realities, and learning management system. Further, significant relationship exists between teachers` competence and skills readiness towards Mathematics Education 4.0. Lastly, teachers` viewpoints about their suggestions and recommendations in enhancing their competence and skills readiness were enhancement of educational facilities via procurement of ICT equipment and building infrastructure and conduct of more trainings, seminars, and workshops relevant to Education 4.0.

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