The Importance of Art Education in Saudi Arabia: A Review

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Manal Alhomaidi, Shaharuddin Salleh


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) community has experienced considerable developments due to the robust infrastructure it enjoys. A key aspect of any community is its educational sector; accordingly, considering the digitalization of the modern world, the KSA is making attempts to incorporate these developments into its society properly. The current research analyses some studies formerly conducted on the e-learning development in Saudi society and the possible ways to integrate this new technology into the education sector in the future. Numerous studies have concentrated on the significant roles e-learning plays in the education sector. The KSA authorities hope to completely incorporate e-learning services to this sector by 2030. This study uses the Systematic Literature Review approach to review and analyse the importance of learning art and the role of e-learning in this field in the KSA context. The results showed that the KSA lacks a comprehensive educational framework to cover the whole education sector in the country.

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