Distinguishing Features Of The Civil Service Of The Rashidah Caliphate

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Dr. Zahida Shabnum , Dr. Muhammad Farrukh , Dr. Sunbal Ashraf , Fakiha Naeem , Prof. Dr. Atiq Amjad , Dr. HM Azhar Usama


This research paper presents, the distinguishing features of the Rashidah Caliphate's civil service. It is to present a review and to describe the various effects and consequences arising as a result of it in a research way. This research paper describes the ruling style of Caliphs in detail. From the literature review, it has been found that the purpose of ruling and power over God's creation on earth is that justice and fairness in them. The establishment should be implemented, and this is possible only when the ruler himself has faith and firm belief in appearing in the court of Allah. The concept of caliphate is to serve mankind and guide them on the right path. If the caliph is not able to pay his wazifa correctly, the caliph is accountable to the people. Therefore, keeping oneself accountable or ready to be accountable to the people for wrong actions is also caliphate Rashida had an important characteristic. Another prominent feature of the Rashida caliphate is that it strictly enforced the rule of law. The Caliphs did not consider themselves above the law. The Qazis whom he appointed as Caliphs were not afraid to face any case before that Qazi, and the Qazi also had full authority to summon these Caliphs in case of any complaint. This research paper will pave new avenues of research for students and researchers.

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