TVET Learning in the Time of the Pandemic: The Malaysian Insight

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Hazril Izwar Ibrahim, Hira Khan, Khairul Anuar Mohd. Shah, Rogis Baker, Ghaith Abdulraheem Ali Alsheikh


The global pandemic of covid-19 has caused huge impact on the world, almost every field has been direct or indirectly affected, including the TVET education system. This article is intended to highlight to various stakeholders, including students, stakeholders, governments, and educational institutions, issues relating to TVET education during crisis. It can be beneficial to generate and implement new ideas in order to provide stakeholders with an alternate course of action. This article highlights educational guidelines and published literature on TVET education systems worldwide. Additionally, it discusses TVET prospects over the upcoming years as well as ways to mitigate the effects of covid-19. The time distribution for these effects are categorised as coping, intermediate and recovery phases. TVET in Malaysia is discussed in depth and how it is implemented in the industries in Malaysia.  The article also outlines the strategies implemented by the Malaysian government to ensure the smooth operation of the TVET sector during the pandemic's duration.

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