Students' Motivation and Attitude Based on Google Classroom Utilization

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Ahmad Al Yakin, Ahmed J. Obaid , Muhammad Massyat, Muthmainnah, Salwa Mohammed Nejrs, Saif Al-din M. Najim


Many higher education institutions now use ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to include technology into their curriculum. One approach to implementing the finest teaching practices is through the use of platforms like Google Classroom. Researchers found that teachers saw Google Classroom as a teaching tool. This research looked into how utilizing Google Classroom affected the student’s behavior and attitude of Indonesian students who were learning Politic sociology. In this study, students' perceptions toward Google Classroom as a cutting-edge online platform were examined. This study included 46 students of civic education at Universitas Al Asyariah Mandar who had actively implemented Google Classroom into their classroom curricula. Teachers utilize it to manage student responsibilities, organize the classroom, and accommodate student involvement, according to the findings.  A qualitative research design is carried out. According to the study's findings, students were enthusiastic about Google Classroom because of how simple it was to use, how valuable it was, and how readily available it was. Google Classroom's usefulness in various circumstances should be examined in future studies. For the most part, teachers thought Google Classroom was a great tool for running a virtual class room.

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