Bringing Technology into The Classroom Amid Covid 19, Challenge and opportunity

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Ahmad Al Yakin, Ahmed J. Obaid, Muthmainnah, Raghda Salam Al. Mahdawi, Haitham Abbas Khalaf, Shokhan M. Al-Barzinji


Amid Covid 19 since 2020 until 2021 Educators around the world were forced to migrate to online learning in such unusual circumstances. The use of technology has grown increasingly crucial in students' life outside of school, and it can also help them better understand complex subjects or foster peer collaboration. As a result of these benefits, contemporary educational practice recommends that teachers adopt some type of technology in their classrooms — however many teachers experience problems in accomplishing. This study aims to explore how lecturers in Indonesia incorporate technology to facilitates their students during online. This study also examines lecturers technological content knowledge, the among technologies and learning outcomes. Fifty-four lecturers at west Sulawesi Province in Indonesia participate in this study. The result of this study findings the important lecturer’s perspective of technology. The data showed majority of the lecturers still low of technological knowledge. The data showed 37 percent educator need ICT training/workshop, 48 percent of educator’s low knowledge about distance learning such as Synchronous, Asynchronous, Blended, Mooc, Hybrid, LMS, 44,3 percent of respondent’s low pedagogical content knowledge and 96 percent of respondents reported they are need pedagogical tools or ICT tools training/workshop. Online learning applications are hindered by low-speed or no internet, although most participants thought that E-learning tenders may help them grasp and practice pedagogical materials and professional resources. The current research synthesis, we'll be able to learn more about lecturer competence of online learning and teaching in 21 century era.

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