Impact On Exam Performance Of Undergraduates When Learning Through Print Books Vs E-Books

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Nallainathan Senthuran , Indang Ariati Binti Ariffin , Ali Khatibi , Jacquline Tham


This paper examines the role of different modes for learning Undergraduate Learning and the impact it would have on the Exam performance and Retention by the students. Quality and Sustainable Education is key aspect of the current United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Exam performance is higher on print books by 12.65% than e-Books and Retention is 7.37% higher on print books compared to e-Books. The requirement for repetition of reading to grasp the material is higher on e-Books and therefore this will reduce the effective retention and exam performance of students aggravated by reducing the effective time due to repeated learning. This paper concludes with lower exam performance and retention from e-Books and therefore recommends libraries not to force or promote e-Books at least for text books to be studied on print medium to enrich and preserve next generation’s intellectuality and academic potential. This opens e-Book companies to improve their product with higher retention and exam performance capabilities.

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