Differences in characteristics of advanced capabilities and intermediate in cattle farmers group in Barru district, South Sulawesi Province

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Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin, Agustina Abdullah, Hastang, Ilham Rasyid , Amidah Amrawaty, Daeva Mubarika Raisa, Nurul Magfirah Ashar


This study aimed to determine the characteristics of groups of advanced and intermediate ability cattle ranchers in Barru Regency, South Sulawesi. This research used descriptive statistical methods. Data taken in the form of primary data and secondary data from in June-July  2020. Research data were collected using interview and focus group (FGD) techniques. The populations were all members of the farmers group in the Barru Regency in the advanced group ability class, totaling 326 farmers and the intermediate ability class 232 farmers. Determination of the sample was calculated based on the Slovin formula with a sample of 31 farmers for advanced groups and 21 farmers for intermediate groups. The data obtained were analyzed descriptively in the form of a percentage. The results showed that in the advanced ability class group characteristics in the characteristics of livestock farmer groups, the binding elements of the livestock farmer groups, and group functions were in the medium category and in the middle ability class the average group institutional characteristics were in the high category.

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