Examining The Connections Between Instagram's Political Use, Passive Political Engagement And Active Political Participation

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Dr. Ifra Iftikhar , Dr. Bushra Yasmeen , Dr. Shabana Asgher


Using the audience-centered uses and gratification (U&G) approach, this study investigated the political usage of Instagram by young people. Specifically, the study aimed to evaluate how Instagram-related incentives influence the political behaviors of young people, including accessing political information, expressing political ideas, and following politicians/news media accounts on Instagram. It also investigated the relationship between the passive consumption of political content (passive political engagement) on Instagram and active online political activity. It was revealed that the motivation for political expression impacts the connection between passive political engagement based on the intake and absorption of political information and active online political participation. Furthermore, following politicians on Instagram mediates both passive political involvement and aggressive political activity. In addition, as a co-mediator, age, gender, education, and social status are found to play no major influence in predicting the political behavior of Instagram users. Furthermore, political information seeking is not a predictor of political participation.

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