Contingent Purchase Behaviour of Generation Y towards Fast Food Products: An Investigation of Selected Antecedents

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Sanjay Rizal, Dr. Bipasha Chetiya Barua


Contingent purchase are those purchase which are unplanned in nature but at the same time people like to take the decision of their purchase in rational way. Contingent purchases are very common where people find themselves in a situation where they tend to take the purchase decision but being rational in their purchase behaviour at the same time. The purpose of this study was to look into the contingent buying behaviour of Generation Y customers towards fast-food in Assam, India. In today's fast-food market, there are a lot of unplanned purchase happening but whether that unplanned purchase in Impulse or contingent in nature is still to be proved and this paper tries to identify the presence of contingent purchase in the fast-food market. In this study, 160 questionnaires were issued using the quantitative method, with a response rate of 94 percent. The study shows the string presence of contingent purchase behaviour among generation Y consumers in fast food products in Assam. By understanding the Contingent purchase behaviour in the fast-food market, Assam’s local fast food restaurant directors and managers can improve the customer experience, fix problems, and eventually achieve high quality business.

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