Effects Of Work Stress On Workers In The Tourism Sector In The Post-Pandemic: Sincelejo Case – Colombia

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Lorena Hoyos Babilonia , Álvaro Santamaría , Carlos Pacheco Ruiz , William Niebles Nuñez , Javier Alfonso Ramírez


The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in the generation of new dynamics at the social and economic level; among which stands out what is related to work stress of people who return to their jobs after preventive confinement. In this way, the present study seeks to define the effects of work stress in hotel companies in the city of Sincelejo during the post-pandemic era. At the methodological level, a quantitative study with a descriptive level is described, in which a Likert scale questionnaire related to the effects of work stress from the psychological, physical and emotional aspects is applied to a sample of 53 collaborators belonging to 20 companies in the hotel sector from the city of Sincelejo (Colombia). The results found in the study show the presence of the effects of work stress within the workers involved in the collection process; especially in emotional and physical stress. Based on the findings, it is possible to conclude that currently within the tourism sector there is a presence of work stress and its effects; a fact that could be accentuated by the personal and social consequences of COVID 19, which not only affected the health of people but has also generated an adverse effect on companies in sectors such as tourism due to the drop in tourism worldwide in previous years.

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