Role of Blended Teaching in Enhancing Effectiveness of Quality of Teaching-Learning Process: An Empirical Study

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Dr.Nitin K Kamble, Abu Md. Mehdi Hassan, Dr Priyadarshini Mishra, Edwin Asnate-Salazar, Dr Agathian R


Advancement and usage of Information and Communication Technology has brought significant transformation in the education system. Online learning system has facilitated learning experience and teaching with development in technologies and different communication channels. Talking about blended teaching and learning is a mixed paradigm of education, and it offers the promise of addressing various challenges faced by traditional learnings system with the introduction of a constructive approach to blended learning and education. Blended learning and teaching is an innovative concept that provides the benefit of the traditional teaching of the classroom along with ICT-supported learning. Blended learning is a combination of face-to-face learning along with online methods of delivering education that influences perceptions of students regarding the learning environment and teacher's experience of teaching; it also influences the learning outcomes. Today majority of teachers are making use of developed engagement strategies in the classroom and online teaching. Blended learning is helping in improving the quality of education. A sample of 200 respondents was collected from respondents through a "standard questionnaire," which was created on a five-point interval scale.

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