Self-help groups (SHGs) Role in Promotion of Women Entrepreneur: A Saga of Pandemic Era

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Dr Deeksha Bajpai Tewari, Dr Upma Gautam, Chandan Saxena, Amit Verma


The goal of this study is to better understand the role of SHGs on the growth of early-stage women entrepreneurs in India during the pandemic period. It is a relevant investigation of 220 Indian SHG businesswomen using an organised poll-based research and 12 clear cut elements extracted from the literature to define the 'job' and 'business development' with respect to Indian SHG women entrepreneurs. The review adopted a quantitative exploratory method, with enlightening measures being used to dissect the data and understand the findings. According to the findings of the study, the pandemic posed both challenges and opportunities for Indian SHG women's organisations. In this unusual situation, the role of SHGs in supporting the business development of its women entrepreneurs has been inadequate, according to the respondents. SHGs should focus on innovation-driven occupations and include training modules for enabling web-based models and displaying stages, as well as financial access, to help expand and recover the business using new methods. In light of the findings, proposals for SHGs and strategy producers in the Indian context have been proposed in order to coordinate with changing market and consumer factors during the epidemic. The review has added to the body of knowledge on the needs of SHG women entrepreneurs and the appropriate measures that should be taken to help them grow their businesses in India.

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