Parental Involvement and Behaviour to Learners with Special Educational Needs

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April T. Barten, Cristopher L. Celocia, Loila M. Dismukes, Rosein A. Ancheta Jr., Rebecca DC. Manalastas, Cecilia Elena P. De Los Reyes, Reylan G. Capuno, Joseph C. Pepito , Jonathan O. Etucban , Niña Rozanne T. Delos Reyes, Lilibeth C. Pinili


This study determined the extent of parental involvement and parenting behavior in supporting the school-related activities of the learners with special educational needs at the two (2) Special Education centers in the Philippines. There were 45 parent-respondents selected through purposive sampling in congruence with the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The questionnaires used were adapted from Preschool Behaviour Booklet. The data gathered were subjected to Descriptive and Inferential statistics. Findings revealed that in terms of profile, majority of the parent-respondents were high school graduates, had 1 to 3 children, and a monthly income of 9,100 pesos and below. The parents were highly involved in school-related activities to learners with special needs. The level of parenting behaviors was positively favorable to their children with special needs. There were no significant relationships between the profile of the parents and their extent of involvement in school-related activities to their children; and their level of parenting behaviour. It was recommended that the parents should always be supporting their children’s endeavours for these kids to live a good productive life and attain a promising future. 

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