The Role Of Women In The Propagation And Defence Of Islam During The Prophet's (PBUH) Era

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Dr. Muhammad Noman , Dr. Shafiqa Bushra , Dr. Muhammad Israr Khan , Dr. Muhammad Ayaz , Dr. Naseem Ullah , Rahmat Ullah , Ikramullah


When we page through the history of the world, we find very little mention of the role of the women. On the other hand Islamic History is replete with the stories of the women who played a vital role in propagating and defending Islam. Bibi Kahdija Bint Khuwailid was the first woman whose support for Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is well-known to everyone. There are other women who rendered their services in various fields, such as: education, Jihad, social works etc. Achievements of Ummul Monineen Aisha, Sayyidah Fatimah, Umm Habeebah, Umm Sulaim and women have been mentioned in this article, so that the women of today may follow in their steps.

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