Destination Life Cycle ofBeach Shacks and Profits earned in each Stage

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Dr. Helic Mario Barretto


The Destination Life Cycle concept explains how a destination, resort, ora product develops over time and the successive stages it passes through. It also identifies the present stage a destination, resort or a product lie in its life cycle. The paperaims at identifying the stage of the Destination Life Cycle beach shacks lie at present in the State of Goabased on five selected parameters. It also evaluates the profitability of shacks in each stage of the destination life cycle. Beach shacks in the State of Goaare seasonal restaurants, located on the beach, serving food and beverages to the tourists. The study is quantitative in nature, based on a random sample of 250 shacks from a population of 400, collected during the months of October 2018 to May 2019 using structured questionnaire. The statistical tools used are Additive Point’sscoring technique and one-way ANOVA. The findings indicate that beach shacks lie in the Development Stage of the Destination Life Cycle and are earning the maximum profit in its Stagnation Stage.

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