Tourism and Yoga: A Phenomenological Analysis with Reference to Select Places in India.

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Mr. Atul Kamthe , Dr. Yuvraj Lahoti , Dr. Irfan Inamdar


The market for Yoga tourism, although niche in India, is growing and evolving. Individuals across the
globe are placing greater importance on improved health and wellness. Understanding their needs,
attitude and behaviour towards Yoga tourism will open new commercial avenues in this under-served
arena. Yoga tourism has emerged and grown with the ‘travel to feel well’ trend. The present study
explained and explored the motivational factors for yoga tourism. A structured and un-disguised
questionnaire was developed and used to collect the primary data from 421 respondents. Findings of
the study revealed that maintain physical health, spiritual health, reduction of stress and improving life
experiences positively motivate tourist for yoga tourism However, study found that destination features
do not contribute to influence tourist for yoga tourism.

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