Impact of covid-19 outbreak on the Physical Activities of Adolescences -A review study

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Vidya Avadhini, Navyashree.C


In March 2020, COVID-19 was designated a pandemic, prompting lockdowns in a multitude of nations
throughout the world. The purpose of this review was to identify the existing information regarding
physical activity and the coronavirus outbreak on children’s and adolescents’ health. Governments in
each of the afflicted countries have taken various actions in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.
Societal constraints aimed at containing the virus's spread have disturbed children's and adolescents'
daily activities, including physical exercise, sedentary behavior, and sleep. During the constraints
imposed, individuals who continued to engage in physical activity improved even more. Children's
physical activity was significantly reduced as an effect of COVID lockdown. The focus of this research
was to look at potential health-risk behaviors among solitary children and adolescents. In relation to
social isolation and social deprivation of children without previous illness or conditions, health-related
behaviors such as screen exposure, physical activity and fitness, sedentariness, sleep patterns, eating
habits, and body composition were identified. It is necessary to develop strategies to encourage
youngsters to engage in appropriate physical activity throughout the epidemic. Keeping up with regular
PA in a safe home setting is critical for younger generations amid the COVID-19 emergency.

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