“COVID-19 the uncertain to human kind: assessment, prevention and therapeutic management

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Arkierupaia Shadap


Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) aninfectious disease that transmits very fast from an infectious
individual while coughing, sneezing, speaking, breathing etc. Globally, 240,260,449 cases of COVID19 including 4,890,424 deaths.During the middle month of March 2021, around 144,829 were identified
in India.WHO defines three types of COVID-19i.e: Critical COVID-19, severe COVID-19 and nonsevere COVID-19. UN survey shows that female may be at higher risk because they lack information
and resources.Both children and adolescents may experience prolonged clinical symptoms, but the
frequency and characteristics of these conditions are still under investigation. COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
has affected our day-to-day life and is slowing down the global economy. However, proper guidelines
provided by WHO, NICE, MoHFW and other relevant sources to be followed so that it will help to
improve the health condition of the nation. Further, it will reduce the morbidity and mortality rate and
thus enhance the economy

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