Role of Internet of Things and Data Mining for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Modern Business Organizations: An Analytical Study

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Dr. A. Apsara Saleth Mary, Dr. Prashant Ashok Sonawane, Dilmurod Nasimov, Aryo Prakoso


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the effect of the collaboration of detecting, processing, & systems technological advances, permitting devices of differing sizes & computational abilities to intercommunicate. The communication can be accomplished locally empowering what is known as fog & edge computing, and through the strong Internet framework, taking advantage of the computational assets in the cloud. The IoT context empowers other types of uses in different regions including medical care, energy control, and urban communities. Information mining methods utilized in IoT applications can be comprehensively classified by their execution stage into installed and cloud-based. They can likewise be arranged by the method of activity to cluster and streaming. The primary purpose of this study is to explore the role of the internet of things and data mining in enhancing the effectiveness of modern business organizations. Data experts need to embrace and initiate innovation and use of the IoT advances whose role in economic improvement practices is basic in scholastic & examination associations. A sample of 129 respondents was collected from respondents through a "standard questionnaire," which was created on a five-point interval scale

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