A Research Study on Impact of Covid-19 on WFH of Working Women during Covid-19

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Savi Chanana, Moumita Das, Dr. Sharmin Akter Sumi, Indrajit Patra, Sanjay Rizal


Working from home [WFH] has accelerated through the years as greater human beings use computer systems and telecommunications, greater human beings have get entry to dependable net connections at home, and greater households have dad and mom who paintings fulltime. The Covid19 pandemic has extended this process, forcing maximum employees round the arena to exchange to WFH at the least temporarily. Compared to Work from Office [WFO], WFH has the capability to lessen commuting time, permit greater bendy operating hours, growth paintings satisfaction, and enhance the stability among paintings and life. However, little is known about the more basic effects of WFH. Factors that affect productivity and play a more or less role in improving WFH productivity over WFO. This white paper provides an analysis of the impact of WFH on leading IT service companies in Asia. In March 2020, in response to an unexpected pandemic shock, the company suddenly moved all employees from WFO to WFH. Our research has some new and interesting features.

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