Factors affecting consumer buying motivations: An empirical study in the behavioral economics perspectives

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Dr. Rajneesh Kler, Dr Suchitra Prasad, Dr. Arun B Prasad, Ripunjoy Goswami, Gargee Sankar Mitra



The world is creatively developing, it additionally acquires the fame of consumers buying motivation. Many variables, qualities, and specificities impact an individual’s buying motivation. The study plans to explore the explanation and motivational factors that make consumers energetic and excited with regard to perchance decisions while buying any item. An individual/ customer is driven by his/ her family, culture, sub-culture, friends, colleagues, society, advertisement, packaging, etc. Several other factors were examined like price, brand, etc. This study will help to understand all the factors that are influencing consumers a motivation to make their buying decision, this will help brands to foster their marketing strategies, publishing techniques, advertisements, etc. in order to fulfill the needs of the market and demand of their targeted audience, this will lead to enhance brand image, brand loyalty, productivity, etc. and eventually increase the sales. Additionally, this will turn out to be a big asset for any brand to face the competition and address the issue of their clients effectively. A sample of 133 respondents was collected from respondents through a "standard questionnaire," which was created on a five-point interval scale

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