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Dr. N. Bargavi, MARUF MOHAMMAD SIRAJUM MONIR, Suraj Das, Sanjay Rizal, Jacob Davis.K


Growth in online shopping for richer experiences has continued to increase over the years enhanced by technology on attracting the new waves of consumer to compete on all fronts. This paper deals with those trends that pose both challenges and significant opportunities in attracting the new generation of consumers for providing convenient and personalised ordering. In this study we also aim towards how mobile commerce is increasing day by day in modern business. Advancement in technology with the increase in internet users and mobile access among consumers of market has driven an unprecedented business model for customers service and virtually borderless. The shift towards e-commerce and m-commerce shopping landscape is gradually changing amongst them in terms of the types of product being online with highest growth potential. At the end this paper is going to introduce us with these segments to understand how it has been evolving by large over the past years for long term success about their products to provide a better experience. This paper is an end product of various analysis on how these sectors are showing a tremendous business growth to the consumers by providing multiple benefits to the consumers at an unprecedented rate. A sample of 123 respondents was collected from respondents through a "standard questionnaire," which was created on a five-point interval scale.

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