The Sponsorship Of Human Necessities In The Light Of Seerah -A Research Analysis-

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Dr. Abdul Naseer , Dr. Asad Ullah , Dr. Abdul Haq , Dr. Shah Room Bacha , Dr. Sarfaraz khan , Dr. Muhammad Riaz


Islam is in synch with the laws of nature; it caters to the physical; moral; spiritual; economic and social needs of human beings. Furthermore, Islam not only cares about humans but also cares about the needs and wellbeing of plants and animals etc. Accordingly the prophet (S.A.W) has said that Allah’s creatures are like His family, so the most favourite person among human is the one whose attitude towards his family is good. Similarly the prophet (S.A.W) has said that the best among people is the one who assists and benefits people.

Since man is a social creature in terms of its natural, physical and behavioural structure. Resultantly, man depends on other fellow humans for fulfilling its various social and econonomic needs. This article deals with the issue of “Kafala” from the perspective of seerah. Accordingly, the Article starts with the meaning and definition of “Kafalah” .it discusses the philosophy of kafalah and compares the current and classical kafalah.

Furthermore, it lists the responsibilities of the previledged members of society towards the less previledged ones .in the end, it details the responsibilities of the Islamic state and Muslims towards “zimmis” or relegous minorities living in Darul-islam.

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