Sustainable Fashion Goods And Their Ideas Of Making In Design Studies For The Betterment Of Society

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Dr Allah dad , Dr..Asmarah Ahmed , Ms. Sunyia Tariq


The concept of Fast Fashion and its utilization is becoming a high trend everywhere and also hampering the meaning of sustainability. The selection and buying of fashion goods such as jackets, cardigans, sweaters, etc. have become disposable due to usage of the synthetic materials in their making due to being inexpensive and available. The educational Sector of Fashion studies can play a pivotal role in changing the mind- set of the designers and manufacturers for bringing their production and development on concept of sustained futures. No doubt the need for clothing is increasing day by day worldwide which resulting the issue of handling and disposing of pre and post-consumer fashion goods' hard waste here in Pakistan also. And Pakistan have to be in the Textile and Fashion sector due to largest share in the country’s economy. Not only producing but also exporting millions of garments every year from different sectors, especially from the print and knit sector too. The leftover knit garments and Printed fabrics have become a big issue for the country as waste. Their disposal management needed to be innovative and rethink for proper impact on the environment. In this paper, the author will collect hard waste of Knit and Print fabrics and convert that waste into meaningful fashion products such as cardigans, jackets, and upper wear by adopting gore and tubular knit techniques with recycle and reuse methods as fashion tricks for Pakistan Textile and Fashion Industry.  The selection of the waste fabrics will be done by adopting assortment planning for sustainable fabrics along with green materials and recycled yarns according to demand. The fabric samples will be modelled via 3D Visualisation through Adobe Photoshop. The Process and ways can be adopted in fashion studies education or curriculum that helps in the making and manufacturing of Green goods. Furthermore it will provide the base study for upcoming designers and existing manufactures for changing their mind-set into sustained futures that leads towards betterment of the society.

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