Women Domestic Workers and their Problems: A Sociological study of Women Workers of Narayanpur town in Lakhimpur district of Assam

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Reetamoni Kakati , Dr. Priyanka Tamuli


The evidence of human history shows that women were treated as weak and dependent on men and related to domestic issues. As the time passes, as far as their economic activities were concerned some of educated women were mostly employed in various activities and jobs both in formal and informal sectors. On the hand, some of the women worker used to engage with work in any unorganized sectors. Women domestic worker are those who work at the home of the employers. Most of the women domestic worker works at low wages due to illiteracy, lack of skill and ignorance. As a result, domestic women worker has to face some problems both in the workplace and personal life as well as home life forever. Considering the importance of the issue, this paper is an attempt to analyze the problems faced by the domestic women worker in Narayanpur town of Lakhimpur district. The present study is qualitative in nature. An ethnographic field study was conducted to collect data from domestic women workers through interview schedule. 10 respondents were selected purposive for the study.Secondary data were selected from different books, journals and websites.

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