Assessing Birth & Development Of Critical Thinking In The Socio- Economic Context Of Miletus & Structure Of Argument: From Thales To Socrates

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Dr. Rashid Hussain Mughal , Dr. Najma Begum


This paper attempts to briefly describe birth and development of critical thinking from ancient Miletus, Asia Minor to Socrates of Athens in their socio-economic contexts. This paper comprises of two major sections, that is, first section deals with an assessment of the birth of crude line of critical thinking, transforming from the mythological explanations of the natural world, which also exposes the hollowness and futility of mythological explanations, whereas, the second section attempts to analyze that how critical thinking helps to construct principles of argument through human interactions. Qualitative and analytical methods are utilized for collecting and arranging the data for creating logical coherence in the argument, alongside, the study is conducted on the basis of mostly primary data from personal interviews through webinars that provided the prospects to generate an engaging conversation about the topic at hand, and however, secondary sources are also used to substantiate the central argument that will attempt to make emphasis on identifying an issue, analyzing the argument by discovering the facts, and challenging the established assumptions and biases prior to draw a conclusion.

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