Examining Citizenship Rights with Emphasis on Public Rights

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Amir Touzandehjani , Reza Karami


Citizenship rights are the very fully evolved natural rights in the context of modern social life in the new and contemporary century; in another word, the principal elements of citizenship rights provide for absolute, permanent, indisputable, and objective human rights, where no human individuals are superior to others in this respect within the governing equity, and in a more general sense, citizenship rights are as a single spirit manifested in the mold of various statues, not in several individual articles that are the subjects of a specific law. In respect of the subject matter, citizenship rights could be divided and separated into two principal categories in the constitution, which comprise general and fundamental rights and social rights, which in turn, encompass political, administrative, economic, cultural, and judicial rights. In this research, we study and analyze citizenship rights through a bibliothecal and analytical method emphasizing on public rights.

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