Authentic Assessment of Communication Skills High School Student in Indonesia

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Jusrin Efendi Pohan, Erna Ikawati


This research is motivated by the problem of the lack of teacher ability in assessing language learning in Indonesia. One of the most important skills to be assessed is communication skills as a foundation for students in the current increasingly sophisticated technological developments. It is necessary to design an appropriate assessment model used by teachers to assess students' communication skills. This research is a development research that uses the ADDIE development model. The object of this research is the Indonesian language teacher at the State Senior High School in North Padang Lawas Regency in class XI which consists of two classes, namely XI-A and XI-B, totaling 90 students. The research instruments used were model validation questionnaires, model practicality questionnaires, model effectiveness questionnaires, interview guidelines, observation guidelines, and tests. Data analysis was conducted by hypothesis testing using parametric statistics. The findings of this study indicate that the assessment model for assessing the communication skills of upper middle class students is valid, practical, and effectively used by language teachers in Indonesia.

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