Investigating the role and influence of diasporas in the course of political interactions of countries in the world today

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Hirad Mokhayeri , Seyed Mohammad Asadinejad , Seyedeh Maryam Asadinejad


The passage of different historical periods has shown that with the emergence of various problems for humanity such as regional and civil wars,poverty and economic instability,cultural,civilizational and ideological conflicts,epidemics,etc.;They always choose immigration as a solution to their problem.By saying goodbye to their homeland and entering a non-native land,these immigrants,after a while,form a social host in the heart of society,which seeks to preserve and keep alive the customs,traditions,art and science of their homeland.These communities are known as distant or diaspora communities.In the last two centuries,and especially in the present,the role and influence of the diaspora in international societies and the international system is clearly visible.At present, the importance of the role of the Diaspora as one of the transnational actors along with the role of governments in the international system and international relations has an influential and special place.Which can achieve results in different conditions by benefiting from different efficiency and potentials developed from its existential nature.And these results in international relations are manifested primarily in the first place with important political,economic,social,cultural effects on the homeland and the host country of the diaspora,and finally at the international or regional level.In this article with descriptive and analytical methods;In order to identify the various influential dimensions of the role of diasporas in relations between countries,in response to the question that"What effects do host and patriotic countries have on the mapping of diasporas?"We hypothesized that"it seems that diasporas can create a map given the hidden potential within them and the conditions and opportunities created by the host country and the homeland."Finally,they can have an impact on gaining multifaceted concessions in foreign policy and international relations.In this article,the authors examine the role and potentials of Asian diaspora communities and reflect their performance on intergovernmental relations,examining the question and proving this hypothesis.

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