Negative Parenting And Its Effects On Children: A Close Reading Of Hosseini’s Novels

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Dr. Aziz Ahmad , Dr. Rab Nawaz Khan , Dr. Marukh Shakir , Abid Ali Khan , Prof. Dr. Arab Naz


The current study explores the effects of negative parenting on youngsters in Hosseini’s novels. The main argument of the study is that negative parenting either directly or indirectly affects the behavior of their children. To analyze the novels, the researchers have used close reading techniques while applying the social theories of Dodge (1980, 1996), Lyons-Ruth (1996) and Simons et al., (2007). The study is sociological in nature. It has been observed that youngsters are negatively affected because of the behavior and their subsequent decisions. In The Kite Runner, Amir suffers, in A Thousand Splendid Suns, Mariam’s life is ruined, and in And The Mountains Echoed, Pari is badly affected by the decisions of her parents. All the three novels depict that the negative attitude of the parents results in deviant and anti-social behavior in their respective children. It is concluded that parents need to be careful about their children by adopting a positive attitude towards them to be able to be good citizens of their country. The parents illustrate negative attitude because of wars, unemployment, and social pressure.

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