The Elements Of Contemporary Western Culture- An Analytical Study

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Dr. Muhammad Arfan , Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Rasheed , Dr. Muazzam Mahmood , Dr aqsa Tariq , Dr. Usman Liaquat , Saqib Ali


The basic sources of the culture & civilization of a society are its beliefs and ideas on which the nation builds its plan of action. Every society has its own specific way of life and social structure that distinguishes it from others. Behind their specific life style, there is a clear and definite ideology under which they conduct their affairs. For the strength and development of the national and cultural structure, it is essential that the society and its people do not have any ambiguity in their beliefs and adopt them with full confidence, because even the slightest ambiguity in ideology will stop the process of national development. New circumstances may cause the evolution in man’s activities but these circumstances may never put some change in ideas and dogmas. So, it is essential for cultural and social progress that every individual must be clear in his beliefs and philosophy. In contemporary world, the western culture is dominating and all nations are eager to adopt this culture. The basic question is what are the philosophical basis of western culture and traditions? And another important question which entangles a researcher that how other culture can counter Western philosophies to protect their own cultures? In this article, those elements will be discussed which are the foundations of this culture and will be analyzed through rational and critical approach. So, everyone will be able to see the real face, importance, impacts, advantages and disadvantages of Western culture.

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