A Critical Analysis Of D.S Margoliouth’s Allegations Regarding Changing Of Qibla

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Dr Aliya shah , Safia , Rukhsana Habib


Orientalist’s have missionary feeling about Islam. They cannot tolerate the grandeur and swift increase of Islam. That’s why they prevail suspicions, doubts and uncertainties against Quran, Hadith, fiqh and seerath .In the midst of many bias, inequitable and unfair orientalist’s, D.S. Margoliouth is one of them. He has some assumptions concerning “changing of Qibla”. Our aim is to secure less aware Muslims, thinkers and adolescents from the bogus and grubby views of the orientalists. Therefore this article concern allegations of D.S.Margoliouth on the “changing of qibla” and conclude that he failed to maintain his objectivity in the description of his ill will.

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