Intended Curriculum For Secondary School Mathematics: A Comparison With International Standards And Implementation

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Dr Sheraz Khan , Dr Muhammad Rafiq , Dr Maksal Minaz , Dr Nafees bibi , Dr Amir Zaman , Dr Naseer ahmed , Dr Ramim Bibi


The purpose of this study was to compare the current intended secondary school mathematics curriculum with international standards and implementation. A Mixed-Method approach was used in this study. The sample of the study was 100 secondary school students. A self-made questionnaire containing 15 items was distributed for quantitative data, while an interview was carried out with ten teachers. Statistically, the questionnaire was properly validated. Content analysis was applied which shows that teachers have there are a lot of problems while implementing the curriculum. The students' data was analyzed by the graph. There was a gap between the intentions with implementation. Only some private schools were good in responding to the intentions of the curriculum while the majority of them were not so good. It was recommended that in-service training should be provided for the teacher to promote their skills in sense of intentions and implementation.

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