Needs Assessment on the Internationalization of a Chinese University

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Xianjun Tan , Vincent Pang , Denis Andrew D. Lajium


In recent years, Chinese government has stressed the importance of internationalization of higher
education. Driven by national internationalization policies, Chinese higher education institutions try to
boost the development of internationalization. This study aims to identify the needs for
internationalization in a Chinese university. The study employed a quantitative research method with
questionnaire as the instrument. Dual five-point Likert scale for “importance” and “present level”
respectively was used for the items. Based on the data, the aspects of internationalization perceived as
important, as well as the present situation of internationalization in this university are identified. The
gaps between the important aspects and the present level indicate the needs for the internationalization
of this Chinese university. This paper extends the scope of internationalization literature in the context
of China and enlightens the development of internationalization for local colleges and universities
with similar contexts in China.

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